Economic Action Plan

We strive to achieve a healthy economy across the District with a skilled workforce that has access to a range of sustainable job opportunities. We also want to ensure that our communities thrive and are attractive places to live, work, and visit.

As part of this process we have launched our East Lindsey Economic Action Plan to capture details on a series of major works that are underway and potential new investments on the horizon that will contribute to increased economic growth and prosperity throughout the District.   

The attached documents set out our commitment to work towards the ambitions of the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership in respect of economic development and to work with both the County Council and the Environment Agency, along with private sector organisations that wish to invest in the District. 

We will coordinate, monitor and manage the programme through a rolling 5 year action plan; maximizing the use of its resources and skills and using the most up to date and robust evidence to assist  in decision making. The delivery partners will take responsibility for their individual projects but will work towards the common objectives.

More information will be available as the projects develop.